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Integrated Solution for Enhancing Virtual Events

Virtual events are now the new norm, replacing conventional in-person events. Driven by necessity or the need to engage remote participants, virtual events, such as webinars, have redefined business communication. What is required is a unified platform that is easy to administer, create virtual sessions, and ensure better user engagement.

Q-Conference, a product of New Era Technology, addresses the above aspects and provides a seamless and immersive experience for participants, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform hosted on the Azure Cloud in a Microsoft 365 tenant and leverages Microsoft Teams for virtual communication. It caters to event organizers, planners, and businesses looking to create virtual sessions.

What Q-Conference Means to Various Stakeholders

Event Organizers

Q-Conference offers a comprehensive platform for a real-time experience. It covers the entire lifecycle of creating virtual events-right from planning, conceptualization, and execution. The tool supports multiple sponsorship and exhibition categories and provides various content-sharing options. Also included are custom reports and dashboards designed to have a complete overview of the entire event.


Sponsors get the advantage of showcasing their information across multiple channels, with a global reach for their content. It offers enhanced networking features for your audience, speakers, and peers across different touch points. Simplified customization and logistic options enable the creation of virtual sessions as per requirements, along with ROI calculations.


Speakers can reach a wider audience and showcase their theme with flexible display options. With global visibility being a native advantage for virtual sessions, speakers get the complete visibility they require. The tool also has a unique metric to capture the audience's interest levels, giving analytics that helps optimize the sessions.


The tool does away with geographic, travel, and logistic restrictions for attendees and offers easy networking capabilities with peers and industry experts. Recorded virtual sessions help the audience get content on demand, doing away with time limitations and attending on time.

Q-Catalog enables showcasing your brand to a global audience. You can discover sponsors, boost event participation, and improve your visibility. Q-Conference is device agnostic and accessible anytime and anywhere. With Q-Conference, you can easily create and execute virtual conferences, expos, seminars, trade shows, career fairs, and many more. The tool gives a simulated in-person environment, making it immersive for your audience, with engaging keynotes and providing breakout sessions across multiple tracks.

Benefits of Q-Conference


Search and Registration

Simplified search options and an easy online registration process make it user-friendly for organizers and participants.


Event Management

Creating and managing events is no longer a challenge with Q-Conference. Integrated capabilities ensure easy monitoring and session management.


Analytics and Reporting

Built-in Analytic capabilities and extensive Reporting capabilities ensure optimal visibility across all aspects of the event. Administrators get the ability to track and enhance the usage of the tool.


Flexible and Real-time Interaction

Get seamless real-time interaction to ensure that the session gives the right experience for your audience, with dynamic capabilities that help you align to emerging requirements.


Access and Privileges

A single window console helps you give each user the required level of access to ensure unauthorized access without the required privileges.

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