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Top 6 Feature Additions for Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps

Generative AI has made technology accessible to citizen developers without specific coding skills. Power Apps Copilot abilities have simplified App development for citizen developers. Users need to provide a natural language description of the required App, which Copilot automatically generates. The Microsoft Power Platform Conference in 2023 has introduced many new feature additions in Power Apps, furthering the scope for a no-code innovative App building model.

Let’s look at the top 6 Power Apps 2023 updates announced at the event.

Access to Dataverse

The new Power Apps Copilot abilities help you directly modify Dataverse tables from the Power Apps studio. This allows you to work on complex tables with just natural language prompts, enabling accelerated App development.

With Canvas Apps, the built-in offline feature makes Dataverse accessible even offline by determining the required data and synchronization. This feature makes Copilot in Power Apps work continuously, irrespective of location and network connectivity, giving a much-needed mobility advantage.

Extended Querying

Copilot features in Power Apps can now answer queries related to App development, code, formulae, and specific technical terms. This helps novice users get background information about the automatically generated App.

End-user Accessibility

The Copilot Control in Power Apps allows end users to leverage its extensive capabilities for answering data-based queries on the App or from external websites. For end users to have an accelerated understanding of a model-driven App, Copilot in Power Apps automatically summarizes records on a navigated form. This feature saves time in understanding the form structure, enhancing adaptability.

Composite Controls

Copilot features in Power Apps now have three new composite controls for header, table, and form in Canvas Apps. These controls integrate with the existing 20 Power Apps modern controls using the Microsoft Fluent design system. They allow users to construct responsive Apps with complex interactions rapidly.

Theming System

The new Theming System comes with a generated color ramp that controls the styling without the need to manage the style in each control level. This new feature in Copilot for Power Apps decreases the time spent on App styling and enables users to make sleek Apps attractive to end-users.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Governance

The new feature of Copilot in Power Apps makes it easy for users to deploy Apps into production mode using a release pipeline. Administrators can grant such privileges based on the least privileged access policies of the organization.

In addition, administrators can use the AI-generated deployment notes to create pre-filled solution summaries, making it easier for other users to understand the solution and the App capabilities. These new features for Copilot in Power Apps save time spent on individually analyzing the App elements and make way for easy accessibility of the App functionality.

Copilot and Governance tools in Power Apps have a new feature in Default Environment Routing, enabling administrators to create a new developer environment when users access Power Apps for the first time. This helps create an individual Dataverse space instead of a shared environment, ensuring that other users cannot access the secured separate environment.

The above Power Apps enhancements give an accelerated App building capability and comprehensive governance features that align with your organizational policies. This makes the App building process simpler and more secure for citizen developers.

For more information on how you can benefit by using Copilot features in Power Apps, do get in touch, and our experts will be glad to help. New Era Technology, a Microsoft Solution Partner, has vast experience in building custom solutions using Microsoft technologies and can be your perfect technology partner for leveraging the immense benefits of using Copilot in Power Apps.

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