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Quiet on Set: DX Strategies that Direct Through the Noise

“Intuitive”, “customer-centric”, “evocative”, and “immersive”—these remain the hallmarks of experience excellence. However, as we integrate more sophisticated tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and generative creative technologies, we often encounter outputs that feel unnatural, flat, or irrelevant.

The challenge is not to reinvent the core tenets of great digital experiences but to evolve them. How might we leverage new capabilities in a way that remains deeply connected to the essence of our businesses and the expectations of our users? Generative AI is a potent actor on the stage of DX, yet inherently limited without deep customer insights. DX practitioners are the directors – we must expertly edit, continuously adapt, and carefully select outputs that contribute to the overarching story we wish to tell.


Key Abilities for DX “Directors”

As we reshape guide creative executions and think about delivering compelling digital narratives, there are key abilities that organizations must foster:

1. Creativity

In an AI-enhanced world, creativity involves coming up with innovative ways to harness new outputs. This means driving narratives that bring humor, sarcasm, levity, and gravity to digital executions. It’s about using AI not just as a creator but as a collaborator in your creative process and being at the helm of a cohesive vision.

2. Specificity

AI requires precise guidance—a “script." The more specific the input, the more authentically AI can bring the scene to life. This involves having the insight and language to guide how digital actors produce experiences that are not only engaging but also aligned with the brand’s voice and customer expectations.

3. Purpose

Technology for technology’s sake, or creativity that does not serve a clear business purpose, is all just special effects with no substance. Outputs that lack cohesion and vision will likely miss the mark and risk alienating the audience. Purpose-driven digital experiences are those that leave lasting impressions and yield tangible business results.


Conclusion: Crafting Moments Through the Lens of DX

Digital experience is both a consumer of emerging technologies and a driver of innovation – much like a Director observing a performance behind the lens of a camera. We are orchestrating moments, guiding the narrative arc, and ensuring that the end product resonates with the audience. Artificial Intelligence (AI), like a versatile actor, brings to life the vision of the DX director, transforming scripts into memorable performances that can captivate and charm. Yet, without the director's vision, the actor’s performance may lack context and emotion, rendering the story unconvincing. When the DX director and AI actor are in sync, the result is a seamless fusion of innovation and intuition.



About the author

Amy Brown

Amy Brown is a Digital Solutions Director at Fusion Alliance. With more than a decade of expertise, she finds her passion in crafting experiences that make brands and customers more valuable to one another. Amy has created numerous omnichannel strategies that are backed by executives of global Fortune 10 companies. Her strength lies in bridging the technical and the practical. With a unique background that blends both hard and soft skillsets, she finds joy in tackling business challenges that require both technology and empathy.

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