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Empowering your SAP Eco-System with Self-Enablement

The key to a successful implementation of SAP S/4HANA and other applications of the SAP suite depends on the level of user adoption. Unless your end users are familiar with the new application platform and its benefits, there will be challenges in deriving the intended value from your investment. At times, adoption challenges might critically impact your business operations and create chokepoints in the system. Such challenges need a comprehensive training process and organizational change management approach where self-enablement comes into play.

Conventional training processes lack the agility and efficiency that suits modern business requirements. It's imperative to blend such traditional methods with new technology solutions which are accessible anywhere and anytime. The idea is to equip and empower users and stakeholders with the required know-how, catalyzing operational efficiency. A blended approach to just-in-time end-user training is of utmost importance for every new technology implementation.

Training is an integral part of change management, and you cannot afford to ignore it and create disruptions in your business continuity.

Self-Enablement vs Conventional Training Processes

Conventional training processes include workshops, community reach, instructional material, user guides, or manuals. With the modern workforce getting increasingly remote, such traditional methods will not accrue the intended benefit in its entirety. For example, a physical workshop requires in-person attendance, while a virtual meeting has people participating from everywhere.

There is also a drawback of having the required know-how stored in an easily accessible format for use in later stages. Such are instances where businesses need to evaluate the efficiency of their training programs. The very success or failure of a SAP S/4HANA implementation lies in optimal training and user adaptability.

Focusing on training users and making them technologically aware and equipped, we have modeled a Self-Enablement training paradigm for the SAP suite that centers on making users self-sufficient. Specific to SAP implementations, a Self-Enablement process equips your in-house team to carry on the migration activity by themselves, effectively maintain the application, and take care of troubleshooting and feature enrichments.

Such an approach makes the end user less dependent on external resources for minor tasks and sets the stage for a digitally mature workforce.

Our S/4HANA Self Enablement solution offers several benefits to businesses looking to harness the power of S/4HANA in their business operations with the below features of a virtual assistant. Clients are even seeing value from using these virtual assistants in the short term with their legacy ECC temporary users while they are transitioning to S/4HANA in the interim.

A lean enablement model that focuses on delivering micro-content ranging from 2-5 minutes, along with training facilitators, is one of the best approaches. Users need flexibility for anytime access, which forms the crux of the Self-enablement approach. New Era has partnered with several virtual training tools (such as OnScreen, EnableNow, or WalkMe) that create a digitally immersive experience for your users. These solutions enhance the end user's actions in their operations and provide the steps whenever required within the SAP persona’s interface for a continuous learning experience.

With virtual real-time access to all instruction manuals, workshop resources, and online tools, self-enabled users feel empowered to discover their unique answers independently.

A well-built repository of instructional knowledge is invaluable to a user looking for solutions. The purpose is to develop the capability to identify problems, search, and find answers independently. Such an approach is a core feature of our SAP solutions and drives value and better ROI for your SAP investment. 

For any clarifications or more information on our Self-Enablement process, contact us, and our team of SAP experts will be glad to help.


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